Systematic Gaming Event Rules and Guidelines

The primary goal of Systematic Gaming is to create a welcoming, safe, fun environment for everyone. We want everyone to feel comfortable, seen, and valued. With that in mind, we have developed some rules and guidelines for our GMs (become one here!) and players.

  • Don’t be a jerk! This is our Prime Directive™. Be nice to people. Like – all the people. Even if you disagree with them. Even if they are being a jerk. You can do it! Racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, sexist, or misogynist comments or behavior will not be tolerated. There are no gates that are OK to keep in our group. Treat people with respect. You can wear a fedora. Rock that thing if it’s your style. It’s OK if you live in a basement. We have nothing against celibate people – voluntary or otherwise. However, if you act like a fedora-clad, basement-dwelling incel, You will not be welcome at Systematic Gaming events.
  • For real. Don’t be a jerk! This bears repeating.
  • This is not a singles club! This can be a fine line. Sometimes people who play games together will develop an interest in one another beyond gaming. However, these events are not intended to be a place to meet your next SO/hookup/spouse/polycule member. Having to worry about being hit on all the time is uncomfortable for some folks, and we don’t want folks to be uncomfortable. Please, for the love of Pete, tread VERY gingerly here. If you are making advances, even passive-aggressively, you will not be welcome.
  • Slurs. Don’t even think about it. Racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, sexist, misogynist – you name it. If it’s a slur, and you speak it, it will almost certainly be the last time you are welcome at a Systematic Gaming event. You will, in fact, almost certainly be immediately ejected from the event you are at. Why are we using ‘almost certainly’? Because sometimes members of a group use slurs in reference to themselves, their own group, or their friends. We would rather this not happen at our events, but we also recognize that people sometimes will slip into familiar patterns of speech. If you do this, and you get called out for it, please remember that others might not be comfortable hearing slurs in any context and that sometimes a slur will stand out in a conversation to the point where the context is not immediately apparent to someone not in that conversation.
  • Watch your language! We’re not talking about swearing or using adult language here. This group is mainly for adults, and adults gonna swear. We mean, be intentional with your language. Be considerate of the feelings and comfort level of those around you. Remember the goal and focus of our group. If you know someone’s preferred pronouns, do your absolute best to remember to use them. If you don’t, use non-gendered pronouns until you ask or are told what their (see how easy that is?) preferred pronouns are. Avoid heteronormative language. Try not to phrase things in a way that assumes people are cis/het/monogamous etc.
  • Don’t be a sore loser/uber-competitive. We are a gaming group dedicated to everyone having fun. You know what’s not fun? People moping when they’re not winning the game they are playing. People getting crappy about how well they are doing at a game or how poorly someone else is. People making others feel less than because they are not familiar with a game or a mechanic or a ruleset or anything else they might not be familiar with. People going out of their way to dominate someone else in a game or win by a huge margin out of ego. Someone celebrating a win callously or obnoxiously. This may not be sports, but we still need to be good sports.
  • Be respectful of peoples’ games. Some people beat their games up and think nothing of it. Others treat them like delicate flowers spun from gossamer by dainty, tiny, fae spiders. Always assume that the person who has been kind enough to bring a game to play with strangers is the latter. Treat cards and such carefully. Try your best not to spill your drink. Don’t toss the game box lid onto the floor or hot sauce-covered table next to yours.
  • Be respectful of peoples’ game choices. People like different types of games. Some don’t like things too crunchy or complex. Some are bored by simple or old-school games. Don’t yuck their yum! If you don’t want to play a game, don’t play it, but don’t disrespect the gaming preferences of others. Except Monopoly. Monopoly sucks and is forbidden at our events (Just kidding! Kinda.)
  • Be respectful of the venue. We may organize events in a number of different settings. We do events at conventions. We may be in a bar or pub. We might be in someone’s home. Wherever we may be, be respectful of your surroundings, others in the area, and the venue itself. If we’re at a convention in a big room with lots of tables, try to keep your voice at a reasonable level so people at other tables can hear and enjoy their game. If we’re at a public eating/drinking establishment, treat the staff with respect and kindness (we should all always do this!). Be sure to order something, even if it’s just a soda or adult beverage – we’re probably not paying them to use their space. If we’re in a private residence, be mindful of the hosts’ privacy, safety, pets, etc. Don’t make the host sorry they opened their home up for a Systematic Gaming event.
  • Consumption – Not just an ole timey reference to Tuberculosis. Again, it’s a group for grown-ups. There will be imbibing at some events. Hell, some events will almost certainly be at places focused on imbibing. Moderation and self-control are key here. Whatever your poison, stay fun and focused, not mean or sloppy. Remember? Delicate, gossamer game pieces? And we tend to make poor choices when we over-indulge. These aren’t frat parties. The quickest way to breaking one of the rules above is to overindulge.