GM Application

So, you’d like to join the ranks of the god-like wunderkind that run events and host TTRPGs in our group. Well, here’s how you do that! First, you need to read our rules and guidelines. Then, you’ll need to fill out the form below. There will be a quick chat with one of the head honchos if there hasn’t been one already. Do you need to be a seasoned veteran GM? Nope. Do you need to have every rule, spell, and character option of a system memorized? Hell no! Do you need to be a specific age/gender/personality type? Come on, this is Systematic Gaming! All you need to be is patient, enthusiastic, inviting, and welcoming. You should have a solid understanding of the system so you can help others along. You’ll need access to the primary resources (often called corebooks) digitally or in dead-tree form. You’ll need some interest from some number of players. And you’ll need to pay the $50 GM enrollment fee. Just kidding. There’s no enrollment fee.

Small note here: If you are looking to host an event without a member of the Systematic Gaming staff present or at a private home, you will need to provide an ID, a copy of which will be kept on file purely for the safety and peace of mind of the members who might attend. This will not be required if you just want to host at a regular event in a public space.