Gen Con Online 2020

Attention Critters: Matt will be hosting two events during Gen Con Online 2020, both set in the world of Exandria using Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition rules. These events are intended for experienced players so that the action can be as fast and furious as possible. While you don’t actually have to be a Critical Role fanatic to play, it will certainly help you to know what the characters play like.

  • Friday, July 31 5pm Eastern: Vox Machina Level 20 Battle Royale
  • Saturday, August 1 5pm Eastern: The Mighty Nein Level 11 Battle Royale

Badge registration for the online con has started already. The Event Catalog is set to go up on July 6, and Event Registration is scheduled to open July 13. There are 7 spots available for each session, and we will be playing using

Matt has run the Vox Machina battle a couple of times before and it is always a bunch of fun! The Mighty Nein battle should be a blast as well.

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