Welcome to Systematic Gaming

Gaming for everyone!

“Time and time again, the players constantly surprise you and often not do at all what you expect and completely muck up your preparation, and that’s kind of the beauty of the game. It wouldn’t be as fun to the DM if everything worked out exactly how you thought it would.”

Matthew Mercer

“I hate you all so much.”

Also Matthew Mercer

We are Systematic Gaming, a group of Role Playing, Board, and Card Gamers dedicated to inclusive, friendly fun. We are small right now, but growing all the time, and we’d love for you to be a part of that! Please join us for community, online and (eventually) in person gaming gatherings, and advice on building a gaming community of your own.

We are committed to this being a fun, welcoming place for everyone to talk about and play games of all sorts. Bring your friendliness and openness and leave any reservations and inhibitions behind. Be who you want to be – unless you want to be some kind of jerk.